Cape Town High School | 25 kW | Cape Town, South Africa

Generating Solar Power

Cape Town High School is located right at the center of the city bowl of ‘The Mother City’, at the foot of one of the world’s natural wonders, Table Mountain. Buy and lease solar cells to earn from the sun while cutting energy costs to this historic school and your carbon footprint.

Cape Town High School strives to produce students who are well-rounded and responsible citizens, and sets them up for life after graduating. In their vision they state that they devote tolerance and non-discrimination, which can be compared to the Sun Exchange where individuals from all around the world come together, and despite differences, work toward the solar revolution.

In buying solar cells for this project you will be offsetting your carbon footprint and earning an income stream powered by sunlight for a period of 20 years. The running costs of the school will be drastically reduced and financing can be shifted toward educating the future leaders.

Are you connected to the sun?

Monetise sunshine, cut CO2 and power high social impact projects through Sun Exchange

40,977.965 kWh

Energy generated

Forecast: 21,491.920 kWh

42,207.30 kg CO2

Carbon reduced

a year

Generating power


Solar cells connected


Members generating

How much monetised sunshine could you have earned?

Match: 84.00 ZAR
Match: 7.190 kWh
1st Year Income Rate per kWh (Gross)
8.63 ZAR
1st Year Income for Cells (Gross)*
256.01 ZAR
Total 20 Year Income for Cells (Net)*
* Estimate
Cape Town High School