CPOA Trianon Retirement Village | 146.88 kW | Cape Town, South Africa


CPOA Trianon is our fourth CPOA solar project, bringing clean and affordable energy to the elderly. CPOA are retirement specialists who develop and provide retirement facilities for the elderly through housing, care and a community environment. This partnership with CPOA enables retirees in the Western Cape to be a part of the transition to clean energy.

Trianon Retirement Village is located in Plumstead, a leafy suburb in broader Cape Town. The property boasts a green and established garden to provide a sanctuary to guests, with all necessary facilities to provide retirees a safe and nourishing environment in their later years.

Purchase cells in this project and you will enable the retirees at Trianon to build a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Earn with purpose

Easily buy solar cells, make a positive impact and earn income generating clean energy

Estimate your earnings and impact

Match: 73.00 ZAR
Match: 5.560 kWh
1st year income rate per kWh (Gross)
6.95 ZAR
1st year income for cells (Gross)*
224.09 ZAR
Total 20 year income for cells (Net)*
* Estimate

Numbers currently provisional