Knysna Primary School | 22.41 kW | Knysna, South Africa

Installing Solar Cells

Knysna Primary School is located in the heart of one of South Africa’s most abundant and diverse national parks. With a rich history spanning 80 years, students from all different walks of life come together in an environment that prioritises community and sustainability.

During COVID-19 lockdowns, the school rallied together to help working parents by creating a daycare centre. The school offers extramural programmes that encourage kids to embrace their creative minds and bring the wider community together with activities such as art, music, crafts and sport.

By buying solar cells for this project, you contribute to Knysna Primary School’s efforts to create a brighter future for all. It’s an opportunity to model to young learners how people from across the globe can unite to make a difference and the importance of taking care of the planet. Make a positive impact while you earn for 20 years, while lowering the cost of education for the world’s future leaders.

Sun Exchange has recently partnered with Grow Abroad, a high school exchange program that brings 100s of youngsters from around the world to live and learn in South Africa. This crowdsale will sponsor one South African student to study abroad for 3 months.

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19 May 2021
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How much monetised sunshine could you have earned?

Match: 67.00 ZAR
Match: 4.370 kWh
1st Year Income Rate per kWh (Gross)
6.56 ZAR
1st Year Income for Cells (Gross)*
205.66 ZAR
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* Estimate

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