Rob Ferreira High School | 140.85 kW | White River, South Africa

Installing Solar Cells

Positively impact education and youth sports development in South Africa by solar powering Rob Ferreria High School.

Established in 1948, Rob Ferreira High School is located in White River, a popular holiday destination and fertile farming area in South Africa’s Mpumalanga province. With neighbouring towns lacking high schools, Rob Ferreira High School is a major sport and academic hub, serving learners from across the socioeconomic spectrum and the region, including neighbouring Mozambique.

The school’s leadership and teachers are dedicated to academic excellence and to the development, training and education of young sportspeople who would not otherwise have access to such opportunities. The school frequently features as one of South Africa’s top academic schools and in 2020, seven of South Africa’s top 10 youth athletes are learners at Rob Ferreira.

Solar powering this school will significantly cut their energy bill. Their savings will be used to create more sports bursaries for talented youth and to improve sports and technology facilities.

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