Spar Supermarket | 185.60 kW | Belfast, South Africa

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The third Spar Supermarket to go solar through Sun Exchange. Spar Belfast sits in an important water catchment area of Mpumalanga, one of the most important agricultural hotspots of South Africa, now under threat from extensive new coal mining activity.

Solar powering this supermarket will lower energy costs to the important community hub, increasing job security and lowering costs of living and lower demands on the coal power supply. Getting solar installed in this town will encourage other retailers and members of the community to go solar. This project will have long lasting impact.

You can opt to donate any proportion of your solar cell rental income to the Endangered Wildlife Trust, EWT. EWT conduct vital work to restore ecosystems and protect habitats of South Africa’s wildlife. Use the power of the sun to preserve the planets threatened species!

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31 Dec 2019

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Spar Belfast